Open Source Data Labeling Platform

Label Studio is an open source data labeling tool. It lets you label data types like audio, text, images, videos, and time series with a simple and straightforward UI and export to various model formats. It can be used to prepare raw data or improve existing training data to get more accurate ML models.

What you get from Label Studio

  • Multi-user labeling sign up and login, when you create an annotation it's tied to your account.
  • Multiple projects to work on all your datasets in one instance.
  • Streamlined design helps you focus on your task, not how to use the software.
  • Configurable label formats let you customize the visual interface to meet your specific labeling needs.
  • Support for multiple data types including images, audio, text, HTML, time-series, and video.
  • Import from files or from cloud storage in Amazon AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, or JSON, CSV, TSV, RAR, and ZIP archives.
  • Integration with machine learning models so that you can visualize and compare predictions from different models and perform pre-labeling.
  • Embed it in your data pipeline REST API makes it easy to make it a part of your pipeline