Open Datasets now hosts nuScenes, the public autonomous driving dataset from Motional


Graviti partners with Motional hoping to facilitate AI development with our public dataset platform

Graviti collaborates with Motional in bringing their nuScenes dataset to the community

We partnered with Motional, a global leader in driverless technology to make its renowned autonomous driving dataset, nuScenes, available on Open Datasets, our industry-leading platform to publish and access public data. NuScenes, created in 2019, was the first publicly available dataset of its kind, and pioneered an industry-wide culture of safety-focused data-sharing and collaboration. It has been used by over 8,000 researchers, with over 250 scientific papers published using the data. We at Graviti are honored to provide an efficient and reliable platform for the AI community to access nuScenes and contribute to the flourishing field of autonomous driving.

In collaboration with Motional, Graviti is excited to be able to bring nuScenes closer to its users. NuScenes has been an ideal dataset for autonomous driving research. It covers complex road conditions and unexpected driver behaviors from Boston and Singapore, both known for their dynamic urban traffic that poses significant challenges for developing a safe and agile driverless vehicle. During the pandemic, providing first-rate field data is all the more valuable , since work and travel restrictions have heavily impacted schedules for data preparation industry wide.

nuScenes is now hosted on Open Datasets

Open Datasets has given us a perfect platform to make nuScenes accessible to the AI community. We trust Graviti in their ability to streamline the curation processes for nuScenes and datasets alike, and our cooperation will surely inspire unprecedented creativity in the autonomous driving industry.

- Holger Caesar, Lead of Data Curation, Motional


Through Open Datasets, researchers can realize the full potential of nuScenes and accelerate their contributions to making the driverless future a reality. It provides researchers with a brand-new, visualized way to manage datasets like nuScenes. Developers also benefit from numerous productivity perks, including free dataset storage, speed download, label extraction, and data visualization, all out of the box.


Why Open Datasets?

The Open Datasets platform from Graviti

At Graviti, we understand that data is vital to machine learning projects. For supervised learning, data can even be more important than architecture and algorithm. Hence enters Open Datasets, a platform that supports data acquisition, visualization, and processing all in one place. We created Open Datasets precisely because we want to save AI developers from the burden of searching for public datasets and benefit any individual or institution who needs non-structural data of industry quality.

We are proud that Open Datasets supports the following features that are just amazing for accessing datasets like nuScenes:

· Complete READMEs: See all the information you need about each dataset, on their dedicated web manuals that detail their collection and labelling methods, citations, and licenses

· Visualization: View sample data with their complete labels before you download

· SDK Access: Get datasets straight from Graviti’s servers by incorporating our SDK in your code

· Speed Download: Exploit every last bit of your network capability with our global mirrors that bring monolithic datasets right to your doorstep


Towards an Open Data Community

Graviti fosters the innovation and deployment in AI by providing Open Datasets and TensorBay, our data management SaaS on one platform. We believe that an all-in-one solution for acquiring and utilizing open-source datasets will heavily boost the productivity of AI developers and empower more innovations in the field. As part of Graviti’s community efforts, Open Datasets is available for all AI companies and developers to license their unstructured data to the industry-leading platform and contribute to an open data community.

Currently, Open Datasets is working with our industry and academic partners from all over the world to index over 1,000 public datasets and connect you with quality datasets in computer vision, autonomous driving, logistics, new retail, and many other applications of artificial intelligence.

In the future, Open Datasets will be home to a comprehensive collection of visual, textual and auditory data. Users will be able to upload their own datasets and participate in a budding open-dataset community that is built by and for AI developers.


About Graviti

Graviti is a technology company that builds infrastructure for the ever-booming AI industry. Our products are the next-generation tools that fundamentally change how AI developers interact with unstructured data. Dataset acquisition, storage, and processing is just easier and faster with our professional data management tool TensorBay and dataset platform Open Datasets. Here at Graviti, we are truly committed to empowering all industries with artificial intelligence.