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The task to be evaluated in the present competition is the classification of 1000 images of Latin Scripts, from handwritten books dated 500 C.E. to 1600 C.E.
The organizers provided a training data-set consisting in 2000 images of well defined script types. The results are evaluated on images which are not included in the training data-set: a set of 1000 images for task 1 or/and on a set of 2000 images of mixed script type images for task 2.
The complete data-set is thereafter named CLaMM : classification of Latin Medieval Manuscripts
There are 12 pre-defined classes in CLaMM according to the script style.

10-Semihybrida (c) IRHT-CIPL

Data Collection

We propose two possible tasks: task 1 named "Crisp Classification" and task 2 named "Fuzzy Classification".
Both tasks are independent, and participants have to announce if they want to perform task 1, task 2, or tasks 1 and 2.

  • Task 1 is divided in two steps:
    • The participants will have to provide a “distance matrix” between pairs of images
    • The participants will have to associate a single label to each image
  • Task 2 is also divided in two steps
    • The participants will have to provide a “distance matrix” between pairs of image
    • The participants will have to associate a multi-weighted labeling to each image

Participants are expected to provide the executable files, capable of producing the results of steps 1 and 2 of the respective tasks according to the format that is described in section 2.
In this competition, in task 1 the training data-set and the test data-set encompass well defined script types, in order to make the evaluation possible. In task 2, the test data-set also encompasses mixed script types, which illustrates evolution of Latin scripts.


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ICFHR 2016
The International Conference on Frontiers of Handwriting Recognition (ICFHR), formerly called International Workshop on Frontiers of Handwriting Recognition (IWFHR), is the most important event in the field of handwriting recognition.